our services - An overview


We help agencies identify and develop the tools and resources to initiate, maintain and strengthen relationships with internal and external stakeholders including government leadership, congressional members, national media outlets, and the general public.  We identify strategic goals and priorities, craft engagement plans, launch campaigns, and develop communications materials to promote high quality engagement activities tailored to your target audience. 

Our service offerings are tailored to meet specific organizational needs, from stakeholder analyses to market studies, and from high-level communications on key budgetary and technical issues to wide-reaching public outreach programs.  

Our services include:

  • Strategic Analysis

  • Market Studies

  • Process Development

  • Communications Planning

  • Press Releases

  • News Articles

  • Graphic Design

  • Multi-Media Production

  • Website Development and Upkeep

  • Social Media

  • Branding

  • Stakeholder Alignment

  • Media Relations

  • Congressional Engagement

  • Engagement Preparation

  • Event Planning and Execution